Breviz, the Spreadsheet Visualization Tool reveals the hidden logic of a spreadsheet, to help you spot errors and make your spreadsheets less risky and more efficient.

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It is estimated that 88% of all spreadsheets contains an error. Yet, spreadsheets support strategic decisions in more than 90% of all companies. Spreadsheets can hence form a risk for companies. This is where Infotron comes in. Our software analyzes your spreadsheets, and tells you how to derisk them.


Breviz analyzes your spreadsheet and shows how it can be derisked, by looking at five different characteristics, like inconsistencies in data, fixed numbers and corrupt links.


For 35 Euros a month you can analyze as much spreadsheets as you like with the Basic version of Breviz.

Want more?

Our Premium version has more functionality, such as data analysis and detailed reporting.

Monitoring Quality

With our Spreadsheet Analytics Monitor, all your spreadsheets are placed under permanent quality control.

Inventory Scan

In an Inventory Scan, we analyze all your existing spreadsheets and give you insight into spreadsheet quality company wide.